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Violeta Bulc

Ljubljana (Slovenia)

Your mission in life

Serving life and have a joy in my heart along the way

What makes you want to join LCE?

Because it is addressing the challenges I want to co-create solutions for

How you might contribute to our mission (helping 8 billion people, 10.000 cities, and our beautiful blue planet come fully alive)

Lead and participate in engagements that recognise the emergence of new and lead to solutions and tools for the pressing challenges (problems and opportunities)

What your superpowers / key competencies are:

Recognising the patterns in the emergence, systemic views, working with people and bringing the best out of them, contributing creative ideas and making them happen if recognised as useful

What role(s) you love playing?

Co-creating, facilitating, moderating, leading (conscious leadership), lecturing/teaching

The country and city you feel most identified with:

Slovenia, Ljubljana; Belgium, Brussels; Scotland, Moffat; USA, San Francisco

The organization(s) you represent and your role there:

Ecocivilisation Movement

Your personal and professional interests, achievements, and any other facts about yourself that you want to share:

my career: global corporations, domestic corporations, entrepreneurship for 14years, politician (Deputy Prime Minister of Slovenia, EU Commissioner for Transport), founder and curator of local and global movements (InCo Movement, Ecocivilisation Movement); many times awarded innovator, consultant and University lecturer; author of books, book chapters and professional articles

I love systems, I was always intrigued by how they behave, feel, evolve, what gets them going, what makes them expand and what makes them fall

l feel like I am a traveller through time and space, observing, intervening/interfering, getting things going, usually a disruptor … but also an inspirational leader, moving the boundaries of possible

Violeta Bulc
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