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Wesley Marshall Douglas

Cape Town (South Africa)

What's your mission in life?

The restoration and economic emancipation of the First Nation Khoi and San Indigenous people and the broader Coloured diaspora, the most oppressed First Nation group in the world and the eradication of all poverty in Southern Africa for all people regardless of race and the use, ownership and beneficiation of our own natural resources on Khoi and San Territory in an environmentally responsible manner, the proceeds of which will be used to create new SMART cities with modern sustainable technology to celebrate the old Indigenous Cultures merging it with future green technologies and design to ensure our people and all who live in our lands enjoy the fruits of our lands for generations to come and mother earth can be healed as we do so....

What makes you want to join LCE?

I love the aims and vision of LCE and I enjoy the collaborative approach where each of us from different professional and experiential backgrounds and disciplines can bring what we have to the table and share with and learn from each other .We are indeed individuals but we must learn from our giant collective of change makers and thought leaders. I believe our projects can gain a lot from a collaborative approach and therefore the LCE concept excites me and I look forward to the interaction.

How you might contribute to our mission (making 8 billion people, 10.000 cities and our blue planet fully alive)?

I am constantly working on the restoration of the Oldest and most oppressed First Nation Indigenous Tribes in the world and our lands and reserves are being returned to us and set up as we speak by the Commission on Khoi and San Matters.

On partnership with global technology leaders I am utilising the latest technologies and sustainability driven approaches to plan the building of new cities in sub Saharan Africa for our people, so we can move them out of the townships and Tom shacks into new homes with employment and education, mixing the old KhoiSan Cultures with new building technologies and industries on a large commercial scale as outlined in the Douglas Pofadder Plan, I have designed and can share with those interested later.

The return of our land and sea rights for instance will mean massive mariculture and agriculture projects. The return of our mineral and mining rights on our lands, massive manufacturing capacity cutting out transportation between mine and manufacturing and end users.. And add to that smelting and refineries etc... . I believe the projects I am leading can provide a lot of opportunities for LCE to put into action many of the evidence based best practice models and implementable ideas in the network we are building together and putting it into real world practise from the ground up in Khoisan sustainable cities. I also have decades of experience across several industries sectors and have geopolitical leadership understanding, expertise, scope and experience which I hope to bring to the LCE Collective.

Here is some of my past experiences that could be helpful to LCE:

Parliament of South Africa - His Excellency the Regent served as a Member of Parliament in the South African Senate, the National Council of Provinces(senate) representing the Western cape and served on following Select Committees while in Office:

Committee on Trade and International Relations Committee on Agriculture

Forestry and Fishing Committee on Labour and Public Enterprises Committee on Finance

Committee on Defence, Safety and Security Black Business Council(BBC)

Served as the Former Chairman of the Black Business Council International Relations Committee(BBC).

National Department of Correctional Services

Served as the National Deputy Director of Community Outreach for the National Department of Correctional Services and oversaw Prisons and Correctional Facilities in the Western Cape, Northern Cape and Free State.

Hillsong Church and Hillsong Africa Foundation (HAF) – Served as a Pastor and Chief Executive Officer of the Hillsong Africa Foundation of Hillsong Church in South Africa and Johannesburg and founded the Hillsong Africa Foundation and built over 125 community projects from the ground up across SA including a Dormitory, school hall, library, computer room and food garden for physically challenged kids at Tembaletu School for the Physically Challenged, literacy programs, after school programs for kids at risk, teenage pregnancy support, Antihuman trafficking Operations, Disaster Relief, home building and brick making projects in townships, Prison and Offender Reintegration and Restorative Justice Programs, Homeless programs and shelter support etc. African National Congress and City of Cape Town.

Served in the ANC both as the Constituency coordinator for the Parliamentary Chief Whip of the ANC in National Parliament at the time, Stone Sezani (currently SA Ambassador to Germany ) and served the ANC at a Metropolitan level as the Media, Research and speech writing component in the ANC Whips Office in the Cape Town Council, (Honourable Comrade Xolani Sotashe) for the ANC caucus, responsible for press releases, press statements, organising of press conferences, preparing of press kits, etc. Speech writer, responsible for preparing certain speeches for the ANC Whip, Researcher for the ANC Whip’s office and the caucus.

To name a few.

What are your superpowers / key competencies?

I am good at conceptualising, visualising and birthing large multidimensional projects.

I am good at building teams and inspiring groups of people toward a common goal or vision and I am a people's person and understand diplomacy and manage others very well. I have many other skills and talents and abilities that may be of service to LCE.

What roles do you love playing?

I like taking dreams and visions and turning it into reality, of bringing the future into the present... I like inspiring others, I like debating and sharing with like minded experts, I like getting my hands dirty in helping others. I learn from everyone and teach what I know to everyone.

Country and City you represent.

Cape Town and South Africa.

Wesley Marshall Douglas
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