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Dear friends!

In April 2023 we started exploring the theme of happy cities at the Earth Day Summit that united 92 world-class speakers and experts as well as city leaders from 154 cities and 45 countries.

On Solstice, June 21, we launch the Happy Cities Marathon to discover together, side by side, the theory and practice of happiness and well-being in 10,000 cities on Earth. Special events will run for 92 days until the Autumn Equinox on September 21.

The 4 opening days of Marathon on June 21-24 will present you with unique opportunities:

  1. to meet 30+ world-class action leaders and experts in integral city development, holistic happiness and well-being, impact and leadership,

  2. to participate in World Unity Week, attended by millions worldwide,

  3. to talk about strategic happiness with leaders of present and future generations,

  4. to explore best practices in raising city happiness from local entrepreneurs and city managers, leaders of local and global communities,

  5. to develop your own roadmap to a Happy City,

  6. to design along with global players a roadmap to 1000+ Happy Cities on our beloved planet,

  7. to get inspired and energized ... and much more!

You can view the program and register here:

You can see all announcements, reviews and recordings of Marathon events on LCE Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Telegram. Please do join us, comment and share!

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