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Summary of the first day Global Happy Cities Summit

Yesterday, on 21 June, we celebrated the opening ceremony of the Global Happy Cities Summit and the launch of the 3-month Happy Cities Marathon, which will run from the Solstice to the Autumn Equinox. 150+ positive change leaders from cities around the world joined this exciting event. The participants discussed the purpose and mission of the Living Cities Earth, took part in a delightful Solstice Meditation and joined an expert panel discussion on happiness and the possibilities for its development for 10,000 cities globally.

The recording of the live translation of the event is available here -

Here are some inspiring quotes from our speakers:

“Happier people are more creative... and resourceful... From the place of deep personal happiness we could make our world better... and better contribute to collective evolution..."

Ferial Puren

"In our state of things leaders need to be both vulnerable and bold, disruptive and supportive, agile and spacious, generous"

Eric Kohner

"When ‘I’ is replaced by ‘We’, then ‘illness’ becomes ‘wellness’."

Sue Cooper

"Happy are those in love with life..."

Alexandra Dobrynina

"Happiness - is being coherent and in resonance with those around me... It is a state of coherence and resonance..."

Marilyn Hamilton

"Young children are incredible change agents..."

Wendy Ellyatt

"Being fully alive is happiness"

Alexander Laszlo

“We really need to join up and start building resilience by collaborating on shared outcomes”

Pooran Desai

Please register and join our Happy Cities Marathon with events hosted by the above-mentioned and other prominent speakers -

And join our channel in Telegram to stay tuned!

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