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Solstice Meditation at the Global Happy Cities Summit

Dearest friends!

«Established in stillness, perform action in love…»

Solstice has been considered throughout the ages as a time of stillness, where the sun remains still in the sky as momentum gathers for a new rhythm to emerge.

On 21 June, as the grand launch of our three-month Happy Cities Marathon, we invite you to have a unique experience - a Solstice meditation, which will be based on experiencing stillness, expanding gratitude and love from a tender heart and sensing into the presence of being together.

In this meditation, we will open to the vibrancy of our own heartbeat, beating to the rhythm of nature, sense into our connection with each other and our place as we merge with the essence of the planetary light. As we human well, together, we flow inspiration freely, empowering a state of happiness in action, which is love.

This meditation will be led by world-class leader in the new paradigm of science, consciousness and health - Sue Cooper. Sue is a Nurse with over four decades of nursing experience in clinical care, management, research and health education. She is a Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher and an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Educator from The Chopra Centre for Well-being led by founder Dr Deepak Chopra. For over 10 years Sue travelled and explored many natural healing modalities from indigenous cultures around the world, their applications to modern day Self Care and the fusion with scientific research from Health Care.

Please join in by registering here -

And in anticipation of this amazing Sacred Solstice event, we bring you an in-depth and sincere interview with Sue about her journey -

You can see all announcements, reviews and recordings of Marathon events on LCE Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Telegram. Please do join us, comment and share!

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